Me and my Monkey

Welcome again,

Another favorite animal at Chalandri!! This time I’ll talk to you about a monkey, or else a “Maimou” as we say in Greek. This “Maimou” place is a lovely all-day café/bar at the center of Chalandri! Actually it’s not in the central square, but it is really easy to find it!

So…What’s happening with this place? Well…It has the most delicious cocktails that you’ll ever drink! And that’s a promise! Uncommon flavors, unique recipes, tasteful ingredients that are mixed and served only from great people. “Maimou” satisfies even the most demanding ones with its music, the decoration, the drinks, the coffee. I think it’s the best place for a Saturday, winter night that you don’t want to be cornered and you just simply want to relax with your friends.  Continue reading

Be a human means…

Hello my friends,
I had a thought this morning. I believe that this blog looks like a diary for me. Not an actual one…like “I woke up and do this…I feel this…”, but somehow it has inspired me to talk not only about my favorite region and my lovely pet, Svouris, but also for some other issues. So, today I want to speak about something that happened two days ago at Chalandri. Continue reading

Friendship issues

Hey you,

In my previous post I mentioned one of the…actually the major reason why I love Chalandri and that is Svouri, my beloved cat! After that post I thought that I should talk more about animals and especially for abandoned ones. How irresponsible is to leave your pet alone in the streets? People have the bad habit to take animals and after some years, when the pets are too old, or too big they decide to abandon them without thinking that these lovely creatures were dedicated and loyal to them and most of all they believe in these people! They are their family!! Continue reading

Think positive

Goodmorning my friends,

In my previous posts, I have mentioned to you two places that I really enjoy spending my time there. But still…I haven’t talked about the reasons why I love Chalandri!!! Except for the fact that I grew up here, I think that Chalandri has something magic. You can find anything you want! Food, drinks, vintage shops, cafes… In its straits someone can find small, colorful “koutoukia” (greek tavern), or mainstream shops! Continue reading